‘The Great Austerity Debate’

Our task is to create a piece of art that relates to ‘the great austerity debate’.

My first idea was to photograph people queuing at the post office waiting for it to open so they can get their giros or pension…

The photograph will be black and white and slightly out of focus. It must be blurred with a very high grain.

It will be encased in a luxurious, very grand looking gilt, gold frame.

Keeping the rich, rich, and the poor, poor.

Families living on the breadline. Working families living on the breadline. Schools feeding their pupils, washing their clothes. During school holidays some children are lucky to get one meal a day, often unhealthy meals as their parents can only afford the cheapest brands, or buy one get one free offers.

Another idea I have is to photograph smartprice food wrappers in the studio.

Above: ‘Trash’

My idea is to take photos of smartprice food wrappers and overexpose them like I have done above. By increasing the whites and decreasing the blacks it gives you this effect. You can increase saturation to bring out the colours. High luminance takes out any grain and gives the photo a ‘cartoon effect’ more like a painting or illustration rather than a photograph.

The ideas above I moved away from completely.

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