The Great Austerity Debate

Mr and Mrs Gallagher lived with their four children in a ground floor tenement flat. Their bedroom was covered in pools of rainwater. At night they sleep with the light on to keep the rats away. One night they counted 16 rats in the room. Glasgow Maryhill, October 1970.



Photograph by Nick Hedges.

A project he did in the sixties about Poverty. This could easily be Britain today.

Above Left

‘K9Kutz’, Accrington, M.E.A

Above Right

‘The Coin Shop’, Accrington, M.E.A

Small businesses closed down and boarded up.

Above Left

‘Rooftops’, Accrington, M.E.A

Above Right

‘Pilon next to a stream and cottages’, Nelson, M.E.A

Above Left

‘Caravan Site’, Accrington, M.E.A

Above Right

‘Three Blue Chairs’, Accrington, M.E.A


Dominic Barber and his family get significant help from the food pantry at the community center in Everton.


As a Visual Artist, I am interested in the backstreets of local towns and cities. I want to highlight the parts nobody wants to see. For me personally, the backstreets are a place of beauty. In most peoples’ minds, they see scruffy and unkempt.


‘Sleeping Rough’


I took this photograph at 7.25am on the morning of 26th September. It’s quite a shocking image. The man lies on the cobbled road near a canal. One of his shoes are off, his top half lying on a piece of cardboard. I could see him breathing my first thought was is he alive. It was quite chilly being so early in the morning but he must not have felt the cold. I think photographs like this should be seen. As a photographer, visual artist, it’s my job to make sure these images are seen. Nobody in this day and age especially the fifth richest country in the world should anyone be sleeping rough, homeless, relying on food banks and starving. We’re not a third world country. Sadly this is the reality.


Work in progress…

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