Trip to Berlin and Lūneburg, Germany

I recently travelled to Berlin and Lūneburg for a favour for a very close friend. I photographed a wedding in which I took 3,617 photographs in all. It also gives me the opportunity to visit the marvellous museums and art galleries.

Anhalt Barnhof


These were badly damaged during WW11

These were made by the Jewish prisoners. When they became too sick to be of any use, they were taken to Auswitch and killed.

This was common. Many Jewish people were used for propaganda film extras and then taken to Auswitch to the gas chambers.


This aeroplane was used during WW11 to drop food supplies to the German people.


This was the first computer!


There were aeroplanes from WW11 on display, some badly damaged from bullets being fired.


You were able to walk beneath over a hundred years old Locomotive which was quite spectacular.



I was able to visit the C|O BERLIN gallery and see the IRVING PENN exhibition amongst others.

This exhibition was during the summer when I was able to visit.


Personal Work

Berlin, M.E.A

I also have the opportunity for doing independent work whilst I am in Berlin.

These are some of my most recent work.

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